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Reusable Mylar Helium Balloon

Reusable Mylar Helium Balloon

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Reusable Mylar Balloon '22:

Photo 22' Balloon


Personalized Balloon Just for you and yours!

Make special events feel even more personal with Floato™ balloons. Your original designs are printed in beautiful quality on the white mylar surface with silver mylar on the back. These balloons take the podium for practicality. They're reusable and waterproof—perfect for indoor and outdoor events.

Customization Options:

  1. Photo Placement:

    • 1-8 photos can be added to your one of one tumbler.
    • Send us your favorite images, and we'll expertly incorporate them into the design.
  2. Name Personalization:

    • Your [Name] will be elegantly added on the Tumbler, adding a personalized touch.
  3. Optional Back Phrase:

    • Have a special phrase or saying? Share it with us, and we'll incorporate it into the product.

How It Works:

  1. Place Your Order:

    • Select the product you desire and complete your order.
  2. Send Us Your Details:

    • After placing your order, email us at [] with:
      • 1-8 high-resolution photos (Depending on how many images you purchased)
      • Your [Name ] *this is the name you want added to your product.
      • Optional: Your chosen phrase or message. 
  3. We Create Your Unique Design:

    • Our skilled team will carefully design your personalized [Product].
  4. Preview and Approval:

    • You'll receive a preview of your custom design for approval before production. * You will have 24 hours to review your order before it is shipped. If we do not receive a response, we will automatically ship your order to ensure it arrives on time. No returns! 
  5. Receive Your Unique Creation:

    • Once approved, your custom [Product Type] will be crafted and shipped to your doorstep.

Product Specifications:

  • .: Size: 22" (55.9cm) - deflated, 18" (45.7cm) - inflated
    .: Material: white and silver coated mylar (front and back)
    .: Helium-ready design
    .: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    .: Can be inflated and deflated multiple times
    .: NB! Balloon stick or string is not included


  • Custom orders may take 3-5 days to process.
  • Perfect for gifts, celebrations, or creating your own keepsakes.

Capture your moments, wear your memories, and make every Product uniquely yours!

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